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Other Fire Station Work


rhode Island  

The Harmony Fire Station included reconfiguring the interior of the existing fire house to include a command center from the existing dayroom, kitchen and offices. Aharonian & Associates took an existing 100,000 square feet of the fire house and created new areas for the kitchen, dayroom and offices that utilized the area to the fullest with a well thought out layout. 

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Rhode Island

The Lonsdale Fire Station project included renovating the existing Legion Hall into firehouse bedrooms and bathrooms; renovating the existing first floor firehouse dayroom and bedrooms; along with a 3000 square foot renovation to the1st and 2nd floors. This renovation included new floor, ceiling and wall finishes, associated millwork (ex. New entry, and intercommunicating stairs), extending the existing plumbing and electrical work which included modifying the HVAC system. The Lonsdale Fire Station was awarded a USDA award for funding which Aharonian & Associates assisted with the application process.

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