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Froyo World, located in Franklin, MA, was one of the first locations in the franchise to incorporate a dining area into their plan. We had a challenging task ahead of us with a space that was only 18 feet wide and 100 feet long. We paid close attention to how a customer would make their way through the space; beginning with entering the space, picking up a cup, choosing a flavor of yogurt, applying a variety of toppings and finally paying for the product to enjoy it in the colorful and comfortable dining area. We also worked with the client to develop a three dimensional “Froyoman” character. The character is the Froyo World image/mascot and at previous locations was typically applied to the wall in a two dimensional form. We wanted to enhance the playfulness of this space and make this character come to life as the focal point of the space. The Froyoman became a hit and has had many photo’s taken with visiting customers. This was a very fun project of which we and the client are very happy with.


Frozen Yogurt

Froyo World Franklin
Aharonian Trip to Froyo

Froyo World

Franklin, Ma

Conceptual Rendering
Aerial View Concept Rendering
Conceptual Rendering
Conceptual Rendering
Conceptual Rendering

Tutti Frutti

Providence, RI

Tutti Frutti Tart yogurt kiosk –This project was a creative and special challenge for our office. We were approached by the client to design a fully functional tart yogurt kiosk within a 180 square foot area. Utilizing the brand’s image and the mall’s kiosk design standards, we developed this unique and eye catching design containing all of the essential elements necessary to create Tutti Frutti’s most famous products.

Red Mango

Braintree, MA

hingham, mA

The Red Mango featured was the first in Massachusetts to be located in a shopping mall and not the typical strip shopping center. This location in the Braintree Mall has been very successful in utilizing the playful colors and minimal allowable amount of seating. Our task was to quickly enhance the Red Mango Brand identification in a existing and recently vacated mall space. We not only had to meet the brand standards, but also had to satisfy the mall requirements. This project had challenges which we accomplished and since has been a very successful location for the franchise owners.

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